Virualization is undoubtedly the hottest topic for IT in recent years.  Everyone has implemented or at least considering to setup Virtualized Platform (Private and or Public Cloud) to a certain extent.

Xtrapower is one of the Pioneers in testing, adopting and promoting Virtualization Technology since many years ago. Today, we support End to End Virtualization Technologies and Platforms :

  • Server Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Desktop Virtualization Infra-structure (VDI)
  • Application Streaming (MDOP and AppV from Microsoft)
  • Storage Virtualization (SAN based Solutions)
  • Network Virtualization

We are ready for indepth Demonstration and Testing for various popular Virtualization Technologies in the market, from Linux KVM to VMWare ESX and Citrix. We can also fully support Systems ranging from Standalone environment to High Availability (HA) or even Fault Tolerant (FT) Configurations…

Physical to Virtual (P2V) conversion can now be tested thoroughly in our Lab before the actual migration service in order to achieve 100% confidence. For the more sophisticated customers, we may even simulate Site to Site Failover and Storage Virtualization for Disaster Recovery situations.

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