Network maintenance nowadays is a lot much more than just repair PCs. Our consultancy service can help protect your data integrity and investment in technology by maintaining your network with up to date hardware and the latest software releases. We pride ourselves on keeping business networks at cutting edge technology.

Upgrades & Modernization
In the IT business, technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace. Newer more reliable technologies present themselves almost on a daily basis, and computer systems can grow old in a matter of months. Patches and new software releases are offered almost daily, and businesses are forced to change almost as quickly to stay in competition. Our consultants understand the pace of technology and know the impact changing technology can make to business networks. They know what is current, and what is around the corner still to come. They can advise you how changing technology will affect your business and the computers that help you run it. They'd advise you on the most reliable and lasting systems or services that your business needs, in a cost-effective way of course.

We are not only advising and consulting. We offer full service network diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs. If you find yourself swamped in technical problems, or you can't even identify whether that's a technical problem, our engineers are more than willing to meet your problems head on. They can identify and rectify most network problems easily and quickly, getting your business back on-line problem free.

Service Contracts
To maintain your business network and your hardware components, we provides a number of service contracts that allow us to maintain your network, giving you peace of mind. Our monitoring and Remote Hands contracts allow you to relax while our network engineers monitor every level of your network efficiency. Our technicians on-site will be available to make repairs, upgrades, and modifications to your network, or dedicated servers instantly so you don't have to. We understand the need to maintain mission critical systems.

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